More than just ballet & jazz!

About Us

Royal City School of Ballet and Jazz’s mature, professional and caring staff have been providing a high-quality dance education since 1979.


All students are welcome whether they have a professional dance future in mind, wish to pursue examinations or take dance classes purely for enjoyment and exercise. A solid technical foundation in classical ballet and modern jazz has always formed the core of RCSB’s dance programme.


Aside from ballet and jazz, Royal City School of Ballet and Jazz offers a variety of dance styles - Acro, Lyrical and Modern Contemporary and Musical Theatre for students ages 2 to 60+.

Pianists accompany primary ballet classes and many junior and senior classes, enhancing the students’ musical and rhythmical development.

Non-Competitive - Royal City School of Ballet and Jazz opts not to participate in competitions. Our focus is on dance training, providing a well-rounded, thorough dance education.

Our Mission

  • To provide a welcoming, caring atmosphere in which a student can thrive and develop.

  • To teach correct and safe dance technique.

  • To teach the child and the dancer within what can be accomplished through hard work and focus.

  • To foster individual growth and progression.

  • To maintain a strong sense of enjoyment and inspire a love of dance.


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