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Studio Etiquette & Policies

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Ballet examinations are held through the Royal Academy of Dancing and are offered from the Primary level of ballet and up.

The RAD was founded in 1920. As an awarding body, the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations Board offers an internationally recognized portfolio of examinations and assessments. The examination syllabus, taught to more than a quarter of a million student world-wide, provides students with a safe progression of technique Jazz examinations are held through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and are offered from Level One and up.

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examination boards.

They have 12 dance faculties covering dance styles such as Modern Theatre (Jazz), Ballet, Ballroom, Classical Greek, National Dance and Tap Dance. Since 1904 they have provided training for dance teachers and examiners.

Participation in examinations is optional. Non-participation does not hinder a student’s advancement to the next level.

Royal City School of Ballet and Jazz will determine if a student is ready to take an exam. Extra exam coaching classes will be required and in many cases a Mock Exam. There is an additional cost for these classes and practice exam.


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  • Please leave all street shoes/boots in the foyer.

  • Please keep the noise level in the foyer as low as possible out of respect for the ongoing classes.

  • No food or beverages in the change rooms or studio except for clear water.

  • Please arrive with enough time to be able to prepare properly for class. Late students are disrupting to the rest of the class and miss out on valuable learning time.

  • Please use the washroom before class. Students entering/leaving class is distracting to the learning process.

  • Never enter the studio when music is playing unless the teacher invites the student in.

  • Water bottles are allowed in the studio. Clearwater only. The teacher will give water breaks.

  • Please do not lean on the ballet barres for safety reasons and to demonstrate good manners.

  • Dress code is mandatory. Please respect and observe it. Students improperly attired may observe their class in lieu of participation.

  • All students are expected to treat each other and all staff with respect and kindness.



All classes - no visible undergarments


*Royal Academy of Dance Standard

Creative Ballet 1: 

Plain pink bodysuit and pink skirt, any style (no sparkles, crushed velour, logos or tutus), bare feet. Plain pale pink knitted wrap sweater may be worn in cold weather - ballet style only.


Creative Ballet 2:

The same as Creative Ballet 1, but with pale pink ankle socks and pink leather full sole ballet slippers. Plain pale pink knitted wrap sweater may be worn in cold weather - ballet style only.


Primary Ballet:

Short-sleeved pink bodysuit*, pink skirt*, pink ankle socks*, pink leather full sole ballet slippers


Levels 1 and 2:

Lilac sleeveless bodysuit* (plain front, not pinch front), matching waist elastic, pink ankle socks*, pink leather full sole ballet slippers, solid colour character skirt and low heel character shoes*, 

(Level 2 - tights optional)


Levels 3 and 4:

Burgundy tank bodysuit* (pinch front), matching waist elastic, pink tights, pink leather full sole ballet slippers, solid colour character skirt and high heel character shoes* 


Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate:

Plain black tank or spaghetti strap bodysuit** (no crisscross straps or mesh inserts and no visible racer-back sports bras /undergarments), pink tights, pink ballet slippers (split soles and canvas are allowed from intermediate foundation level and up. Note: check with studio as to which styles are acceptable if taking an examination)


**Please check with the studio if unsure of appropriate bodysuit styles**


Any plain style or colour bodysuit (no criss-cross back straps or mesh/lace inserts, see-through or patterned material), pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers



Bodysuit, any style or colour, pink or black tights, ballet skirts may be worn.


Boys - Junior:

Black shorts*, white t-shirt, white socks, white ballet shoes (bare feet for creative ballet 1)


Boys - Levels 3 & up:

Black footless tights, white t-shirt, white socks, white ballet shoes




Solid colour tank sleeve bodysuit with matching footless leggings or ballet uniform with pink convertible tights, no black.


Students in jazz levels up to and including level 6, participating in examinations, must wear the two-piece jazz uniform for the examination.


Senior boys - all levels: 

Black lycra shorts, plain solid colour t-shirt



As for jazz, plain colour jazz pants may be worn over a plain solid colour bodysuit. No bare midriffs.

No t-shirts, tank tops, shorts or socks. 



Ballet or jazz uniform, bare feet, plain (no patterns) jazz pants may be worn over studio uniform for musical theatre & lyrical.

No t-shirts, tank tops or shorts.



All levels:

Jazz uniform or ballet uniform leotard with pink or beige/caramel convertible/transition tights or footless tights or capris tights. No t-shirts, tank tops or shorts. Black capris leggings may be worn over bodysuit.



Any comfortable unrestrictive clothing similar to dance attire that the child can move in. No bare midriffs. Shoes not required. Hair neatly secured. Caregiver: comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.



Ballet - Creative Ballet:

Tidy ponytail, braid or pigtails, no bangs, pink ribbon & plain ballet pink cloth hairband optional. No scrunchies or other hair decorations.


All other ballet levels: 

Neat bun secured with hairnet - no scrunchies, plastic or thin elastic hairbands, or colourful/sparkly hairclips. Plain ballet pink cloth hairband optional.



Very neat, well-secured style with no hair loose around face and neck. Style must be able to remain in place throughout the class. Long hair may not be in a ponytail/two long pigtails for safety reasons.


Jazz/Contemporary etc:

Neatly and well-secured off the face and neck - no bangs. Plain cloth hairband in ballet pink or a plain colour optional. No plastic or thin elastic hairbands, no colourful/sparkly hairclips.


Jazz uniforms are available only at Royal City School of Ballet


All other attire - Freestyle Dancewear in Guelph.

Character Skirt options

Note: Ribbons are optional unless taking an examination.

Freestyle Dancewear: Skirts will likely have to be hemmed. They do not come with ribbons on.

There are a limited number of character skirts available at the studio to rent for the school year. Skirts remain on Royal City School of Ballet premises.



There is a sheet on the bulletin board in the studio foyer for posting uniforms wanted and for sale. RCSB has a private Facebook Group for buying and selling dancewear, “Royal City School of Ballet Exchange.”


  • All students/parents/guardians (as appropriate) must sign the studio policy acknowledgement and participation release in order to participate in classes. The photo release is optional.

  • Please leave all street shoes/boots in the foyer.

  • No parents/Guardians beyond the foyer.

  • No nuts please if a student is bringing a snack. No food or beverages in the change rooms or studio except for clear water.

  • Our regular dance season runs from September to June. Tuition is based on 31 weeks, but most classes receive 33 to 35 classes.

  • Tuition is not transferable to other students nor can be carried over to the next semester, dance session, other dance classes or summer classes.

  • Tuition may be paid in full or in three instalments. Monthly payments are also available and are subject to a single $15 administration fee payable with the first payment. Monthly payments are made over 9 months.NSF cheques carry a $25 service charge and must be replaced only by certified cheque, cash, money order or e-mail transfer. Unpaid accounts -- late payment charge of $10 will be applied at net 15 days. Thereafter interest will be applied at 2% per month, compounded. Students with tuition fees outstanding for 45 days or more may not participate in classes or performance until the full outstanding tuition is paid. Notice of withdrawal from classes must be received by the studio in writing one week prior to the instalment date or cheques will be processed. 24 hours notice required for cancellation of private lessons, otherwise private lesson fee is still required. No refunds/tuition deferrals for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up in another class of an appropriate level if possible. Missed classes may be carried over and be made up in the next semester ONLY if a student is registered in that semester. Students attending via dance cards and drop-ins have a “non-registered” status. Dance cards valid for one year from purchase date. Refunds/tuition deferrals only available if moving away from the city or for medical reasons. The refunds are pro-rated and carry a $25 administration charge which may be applied toward enrollment in another class within one year and deferrals must be used within 6 months of the cessation of classes.

  • There are no refunds for missed/cancelled classes due to inclement weather, holidays, studio event cancellations or extenuating circumstances unless these cause the number of classes to drop below 32 weeks.

  • RCSB reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrolment.

  • Occasionally, once fall classes have begun, an adjustment in a student’s class placement becomes advisable. RCSB reserves the right to make schedule adjustments at any time as becomes necessary. RCSB faculty make all placement decisions with each student’s best interests in mind.

  • In May/June current students are given priority registration for fall classes. Thereafter classes are filled on an as-you-go basis.

  • Proper uniform and neatly secured hair is required for all classes. Inappropriately attired students may observe their class in lieu of participation. There are no makeup classes for missed classes due to lack of uniform/secured hair.

  • Students in Creative Ballet One must be toilet-trained.

  • Please notify reception if a student will be absent. E-mails are checked daily Monday through Saturday, but not always before the onset of that day’s classes. It is very beneficial for students mildly ill or injured to observe their class if unable to participate. Students are responsible for knowing their class material.

  • Please inform the studio of any medical conditions we need to be aware of.

  • Please notify the studio if your child has any communicable/infectious illnesses or diseases such as plantar’s warts, flu, chicken pox etc.

  • Younger students are not permitted to leave until reception has been notified of your arrival. Please notify reception if someone other than yourself will be dropping off or picking up your child.

  • Please label all items with your child’s name. Uniform items are “uniform” and therefore not very distinguishable from one another. RCSB cannot be responsible for lost/misplaced possessions. Leave valuables at home. Periodically the Lost and Found box is emptied and items not labelled are donated to charitable organizations.

  • Inclement weather. The studio message will be changed if classes are cancelled. School bus cancellations (“snow days”) do NOT automatically mean RCSB classes will be cancelled. We rarely cancel classes. Missed classes due to weather cancellations may be made up in an appropriate class, if available.

  • It is the parent/guardian/student’s (if the student is over 18) responsibility to keep up-to-date with studio news.

  • Newsletters are e-mailed unless not indicated as such on the registration form, in which case they will be mailed via Canada Post. Paper copies of newsletters are available and are posted in the studio foyer. Please ensure we have your most current contact information.

  • RCSB reserves the right to remove/expel/suspend any student or student’s family member expressing inappropriate behaviour towards other students, staff or school property. There are no makeup classes for missed classes arising from dismissal from class due to disruptive behaviour.

  • RCSB reserves the right to refuse business to any person.

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