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Please fill out one form per dancer.

Class(es) Registering For:

I have carefully read, understood and support the terms, conditions and policies as outlined by Royal City School of Ballet and Theatre Jazz Inc. I unconditionally agree to fully honour any and all of my commitments made with regard to examinations, performances, open houses and general policies of the school. 


I understand physical activity carries inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the amount of care that is taken to avoid injuries. I release the above named school and all of its staff, agents and representatives from responsibility for any liability, losses, damages or personal injury incurred on the premises.


I understand all personal information collected is confidential and is used by Royal City School of Ballet and Theatre Jazz Inc. staff solely to serve the student.

I understand photographs may be taken of my child for studio archives or promotional, educational or commercial purposes and hereby grant permission for these uses only of such material.


I have read, understand and agree to RCSB’s tuition policies as stated under “Policies.”


I have read and agree to the above policies and releases.

Thanks for submitting!

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