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Studio Etiquette & Policies

Dance Styles Offered


Ages 3 + (3 as of September 1st)

Students are trained in classical ballet following the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus. Throughout the curriculum, the emphasis is placed on proper posture and alignment, technique and performance. Evolving throughout all levels is the development of artistry and self-discipline. Examinations are available for ballet.


Ages 10+ (This class currently not on our schedule).

A class of exercises focusing on strengthening and developing the muscles essential for ballet - Turnout muscles, core, feet, back, etc. Also great for the dancer getting back into ballet shape after time off.


Ages 10+

These classes assist the student in developing the strength necessary to go on pointe. Goals: Strengthen legs & feet, improve foot articulation, alignment, core strength and stability. Students taking pointe or those just wishing to increase strength are welcome to attend this class. Ask re: Discount for both pointe & pre-pointe.


Minimum age 11

Introduced to students in the Intermediate Foundation level who have developed the necessary technical strength to begin work on pointe. Pointe is not mandatory unless taking an Intermediate Foundation level exam or higher.


Ages 5 1/2+ (6 as of January of the current dance year)

Students are trained in the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing syllabus which is a rich amalgamation of many contemporary styles of jazz and modern. This dynamic curriculum fosters the development of co-ordination, flexibility, and sense of performance within a classic jazz framework.


Ages 5+ (5 as of September 1st)

Acrobatic Dance, or Acro, as it is commonly referred to, is the fusion of classical dance, gymnastics & acrobatic movements. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, leaps, tumbling & partnering combined with dance. It develops strength, flexibility, athleticism & agility. Acrobatic Arts and Acrobatique syllabi are followed. It is strongly recommended students take an additional dance class in order to receive a comprehensive & versatile training.

Acro One - Ages 5-7.  Acro Two - Ages 7-11.

Acro Three - Ages 8 and up/by skill level. Acro Four - Skill requirements for this level.


Ages 8+

Musical Theatre integrates the art forms of dance, acting & singing in the movement styles of jazz & Broadway

in order to communicate the emotional & story content of a stage piece. Examples of musical productions whose

music & dance styles are utilized are Annie, Hairspray, High School Musical, West Side Story, Cinderella & Seussical. The focus of this class is on the dance aspects & on developing musicality, style, expression and performance.

Musical Theatre One - Ages 8-11.  Musical Theatre Two - Ages 12 and up.


Ages 10-13

Lyrical dance combines the technical elements of classical ballet with the fluidity, expressive aspects & freedom of jazz, contemporary & modern dance. Lyrical is typically considered a sub-category of jazz. It is simultaneously subtle & dynamic, and conveys emotion through movement. It often artistically interprets the lyrics of the music. Contemporary dance was developed in the early 20th century as a reaction against the rigid techniques of ballet & can be danced to almost any style of music, or united with other dance forms. It is not characterized or limited to one specific dance technique. This class combines elements of both lyrical & contemporary & encourages students to develop a stronger sense of their own artistic expression.

Students 10 and 11 years of age must also be enrolled in ballet in order to take this class.


Ages 6-11

An energetic and fun class combining the elements of contemporary modern and jazz dance. Dancers learn the proper technique of both dance styles thus developing a wide vocabulary of dance movements. Artistic expression and quality of movement are emphasized while utilizing correct technique.

Contemporary Jazz One  - Ages 6-8  (or dancers in up to Grade One Ballet).

Contemporary Jazz Two  - Ages 9-11(or Grade Two Ballet level and above).


Minimum - Intermediate Level (Ages 13+)

The dance pioneers named here departed from the traditional aspects of classical ballet and developed a freer style of dance that is constantly evolving. Contemporary Modern is based on the philosophies and dance techniques of Martha Graham, José Limon, Isadora Duncan, Lester Horton and many others. An interpretive expression of movement is explored through the use of a broad range of movement qualities and dynamics.


Class for 2 & 3 year olds with a parent/caregiver.

A Creative Dance class where the child’s love of movement is developed and encouraged with the use of props, rhyming songs and creative storytelling. Caregiver - no dance experience required, just enthusiasm.



Ballet, Jazz and Acro

Most primary school ballet classes have pianist accompaniment


For 3 and 4 year olds (Ages as of Sept. 1st)

Dancers must be able to participate independently, without a parent present, and be toilet-trained. Children learn the basics of the classical ballet vocabulary and develop locomotor skills in an imaginative and creative setting.



For 5 and 6 year olds. (Ages as of Sept. 1st)

Ballet vocabulary and technical skills are expanded. Students begin to work in lines, count music on their own and learn to do the exercises without the teacher leading them. Imagination and creativity are still very much included in this class so as to maintain the children’s interest while working on technique.


For 6 and 7 year olds (Ages as of Sept. 1st)

This is the first level where RCSB will enter students for ballet examinations through the R.A.D. (exams are optional). More focus is placed on the development of classical technique and the ability to work independently of the teacher. The ability to focus is as important a pre-requisite as age is.


For 5-1/2 to 7 year olds. (Must turn 6 by January)

Age-appropriate material based on natural movements such as walking, running. skipping, jumping, galloping etc. as well as isolations and rhythm are part of this class. This class encourages an imaginative response to music. Traditional and modern jazz movements are incorporated. Examinations through the I.S.T.D. are offered for this level. Energetic and fun!


For 5 to 7 year olds

Basic acrobatic skills and partner work is introduced carefully with the safety of the young developing body kept in mind. Emphasis is on the proper execution of the skills to create a solid base for the higher levels.



Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Musical Theatre and Lyrical Contemporary


Levels One through Four. Ages 7+

As a part of their regular ballet class, students will study specific elements of character work (national/folk dance) as outlined by the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Character work is introduced in Level One.

R.A.D. examinations are offered for these levels.



Levels Two through Six. Ages 7+

Examinations are offered for all these levels. Classes follow the I.S.T.D.syllabus.



Levels Two through Four. Acro Two - 7 to 11 year olds. Acro Three - Ages 8+. Acro Four - Technical ability.



Ages 8 to 11

No experience necessary.


Ages 6-11

Level One - Ages 6-8. Level Two - Ages 9-11.


Ages 10+. For 10-13 year olds.

Students 10 and 11 years of age must also be enrolled in either ballet or jazz in order to take this class.


Ages 10+.

Open to anyone 10 years of age or older. Not just for those wishing to go on pointe.


Ballet, Pointe Jazz, Acro, and Contemporary Modern


Ages 11+

Levels - Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced One and Advanced Two. Classes follow the R.A.D. syllabus.


Ages 11+

Levels - Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced One, Advanced Two, Bronze, Silver and Gold Jazz Award. Classes follow the I.S.T.D.syllabus.



Acro Four - Ages 9+.

There are skill requirements for this level.



Minimum - Intermediate Level (Ages 13+).

Non-syllabus class. Adults dancing at the appropriate level are welcome in this class.


Ages 12+

This class is geared toward the older student so it is beneficial for the

younger dancers to also enrol in another dance class. 



Three levels of adult ballet are available - Level One - Beginner, Level Two - Pre-Intermediate and Level Three -

Intermediate/Advanced. Non-syllabus classes. May be attended on a drop-in or registered basis.

Dance class cards are also available. Advanced adults usually dance in the “regular” Advanced classes.

BALLET FOR LIFE - Class for adults 55 +

"Not your granddaughter's ballet class!"

This class is designed for the older student. Dancers - work within your own capabilities.

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